Ubuntu – How large should I make root, home, usr, var, and tmp partitions


i install ubuntu server 10.04, have 64 Gb VHD.

And want to separate partitions in this mode:

/dev/xvda0 p on swap (2 Gb)
/dev/xvda1a0 e on /boot (128 Mb)
/dev/xvda1a1 e on / type ffs (local)
/dev/xvda1a2 e on /usr type ffs (local, nodev)
/dev/xvda1a3 e on /tmp type ffs (local, nodev)
/dev/xvda1a4 e on /var/log type ffs (local, nodev)
/dev/xvda1a5 e on /var type ffs (local, nodev, nosuid)
/dev/xvda1a6 e on /home type ffs (local, nodev, nosuid, with quotas)
/dev/xvda2 p on /new (local, nodev, nosuid, noexec) with rest of space ~50Gb.

But i'ma stuck, and don't know what size to give to each folder.

Also i want to encrypt partitions.

Thank you for any tips.

EDIT: System need minimum size, here will be installed about 10 apps like ufw, apache,mysql, chkrootkit and so on.

Best Answer

First, I would put all space, except /boot, in a LVM2 volume. That's because it makes it so much easier to adjust partition size later, even on live systems and modern file systems.

Then I would make root small about 1GB, /usr about 6GB, /var about 2GB, /boot about 512 MB, swap same size as RAM, /var/log, /home and /srv large enough. It can be adjusted later.

I would not used all unallocated space now, as that could later be used to expand the other partitions, as I'm using LVM2. I could even add new paritions like /tmp, but that is a bit more complicated. I never use anything but LVM2 anymore. With that, I can even move the installation to RAID disks in less than 30 minutes, including creating and copy files and all.

For more information about LVM2, read this: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/410

Yes, about encryptions, please have a look at Luks support:

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