Ubuntu – How to add a custom item to the nautilus context menu, but NOT in a sub-menu


I am interested in adding a custom script to the Nautilus context menu. I am aware of solutions such as the Scripts folder and the Nautilus Actions application.

I created a test action in Nautilus Actions, but it only appears under the "Nautilus-Actions actions" submenu.

I would like to be able to add an item to the root level of the context menu itself (at the same level as cut, copy, dropbox, compress…) and not in a submenu.

Is this possible with Nautilus Actions?

If it isn't, is there any other way? (If it involves coding or strange configuration changes, that's OK too)

Best Answer

You can do it with nautilus-actions. Launch nautilus-actions-config-tool and go to Edit > Preferences > uncheck "Create a root Nautilus Actions menu" and bottom of the first tab. -- This affects all actions.

enter image description here

Also, in the left panel the entries (actions) can be grouped as sub-menus. Create your actions (New action'), then create a 'New menu' with right-click or under 'File' for each action category, and then drag&drop your actions of that category on it.

enter image description here

Which gives this:

enter image description here