Ubuntu – How to add a dropbox folder option under the “Places” in Nautilus


Like windows, when you download dropbox it places a folder in the library list. I'm wondering if I'm able to similarly add dropbox under "Places". Thank you in advance for your help.

Best Answer

  • There multiple alternative options:

    • Pressing Ctrl+D adds a bookmark to the folder you're in (tested under Ubuntu 12.04 & 13.04). For Ubuntu 14.04, use the Files application (a. k. a. Nautilus) to navigate to the folder you want bookmarked, then press Ctrl+D, the same with going to the top menu bar and selecting Bookmarks → Bookmark this location.

    • Select the folder that you want added to bookmarks, then go to the top menu bar and select Bookmarks → Add Bookmark.

    • You can add them editing by ~/.gtk-bookmarks. Say you want to add ~/Software and ~/Ebooks folder under Places. Just add the following line at the end of ~/.gtk-bookmarks:


    Try it out and let me know. Hope it helps.