Ubuntu – How to add a launcher for .sh applications


I have installed ubuntu (11.04).

I installed phpstorm which is simply an archive for you to extract and shove in your /opt directory.

To run it you would use /opt/PhpStorm-103.243/bin/PhpStorm.sh

In unity I had created a launcher on my desktop.

Now I have installed gnome-3(gnome-shell),

And I have nothing in my desktop.

So how do I run phpstorm quickly?
Can I get it to show up in "applications"?

Best Answer

  • PhpStorm now has a feature to create a launcher for you. It's available under:

    Tools -> Create Desktop Entry...

    Ubuntu 12, PhpStorm 6 /Tools/Create Desktop Entry...

    This will add PhpStorm to the system menu for the current user or for all users. The created launcher is also compatible with Gnome Shell.

    Ubuntu 12, PhpStorm and Unity launcher