Ubuntu – How to add a printer in gnome-shell


I'm using Gnome Shell (although I'm not sure whether the "Printers" app is part of that or just part of Gnome).

I go to "Printers" from the overview, click the + button on the bottom left, choose network and then see a message "FirewallD is not running. Network printer detection needs services mdns, ipp, ipp-client and samba-client enabled on firewall.".

It's not auto detected anything. There's an Address box and a Search by Address tickbox, but neither seem to do anything. I'm frustrated because I know all the details of the printer, but have nowhere to put them in. Automation is supposed to make things easier, no?

For example I know the printer is at lpd:// but I can't put this in anywhere.

Is there a GUI that works, or have I misunderstood how to use it?

Best Answer

The Gnome Printer interface still has quite a few bugs (like the one you mentioned). To use the Printer interface that comes with Ubuntu, press Alt F2, and type in system-config-printer.