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I want to add some shell scripts in my launcher as shortcuts..

They are located deep inside and i have to navigate to it every time to execute them…

I tried this link where the 2nd answers seems to solvee it but as said in comments neither can i find any option to add a launcher..

I guess it existed in 11.04 with a "+" button on launcher but i use 12.04.

So how do i get this working?? And i need those commands everytime for sure..!

Best Answer

    1. Create *.desktop file, location depends on if it is for personal use or all users. If these directories do not exist, create them.

    For personal use , ~/.local/share/applications

    gedit ~/.local/share/applications/name.desktop

    For all users, /usr/local/share/applications/ (or /usr/share/applications/ depending upon your system).

    sudo -i gedit /usr/share/applications/name.desktop
    1. Paste below text

      [Desktop Entry]

      edit Icon= and Exec= and Name=

      Also Terminal=True/false determines whether the terminal opens a window and displays output or runs in the background

    2. put this in unity panel by dragging it from files manager

    logic is very simple that unity panel allows *.desktop files as launcher though I haven't tried it because I use Natty.

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