Ubuntu – How to add Google Play support in Anbox?


I know it's a relatively new and unstable application but I figured if anyone has suffered through the issue and solved it then they can help me too.

Anbox does't come with Google Services, As Google Services can't be installed on an Unregistered Device / Firmware, but their are ways to achieve that in Custom Roms or even Emulators, But if you want to use Android to it's fullest then Google Play Services is a must.

What have I tried so far?

I've tried to install Google Play Services x86 apk, which successfully got installed and also appears in Settings > Apps

I've Also tried to install Play Store which also got successfully installed and appear in the App Drawer of Anbox (also In Gnome).

But it Doesn't work like Expected, for example, YouTube app loads content but can't play videos, Google play store doesn't even load content, I think maybe because Google Play Services isn't installed as System app/ or maybe because there are some other g-apps that these things depend on and i'm missing them.

I'm ready to provide more details from my side

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