Ubuntu – How to add korean keyboard


How do I add the korean keyboard typing system? I'm currently usins ubuntu 11.10.

I have tried adding the korean keyboard under setting>keyboard layout, but It doesn't allow me to type in korean.

Best Answer

I tried to find the answer to this last night and I got the same problem as you have. I having been trying again this morning. Is this what you want to do?

ㅂㅈㄷㄱ쇼 that is qwerty. Here is what I did:

1) Use System Settings>Language Support to select IBUS as the Keyboard Input Method System.

Adding IBus as keyboard input method system @ Language Support

2) Use Ubuntu Software Centre to install ibus-hangul.

3) Shut down and restart.

This should put a second keyboard icon in the top panel.

Click on it and select Preferences. Go to the Input Method tab and select Korean. Click Add.

Adding Korean input method @ IBus preferences

Now when you click on this second keyboard icon you can select Korean and a Korean icon will appear.

You can activate or deactivate the keyboard switching method by using Ctrl+Space.

Now if only I knew some Korean I could show off my success.

(사랑 우분투)

By the way this should work for Chinese as that is the other input method option.