Ubuntu – How to ban a wifi network in Network Manager


My wifi connection drops sometimes and, for some reason, Network Manager attempts to connect to my neighbor's network, which requires a password that I don't know. The network in question is not listed in the "Edit Connections…" dialog and I can find no reference to it in any configuration file, but still the password dialog pops up every time my main connection drops. Is there a way to blacklist a wireless network so that the Network Manager will never attempt to connect to it? Or, equivalently, how can I remove the configuration data that causes the Network Manager to attempt to connect to this particular network?

Best Answer

  • Hm... not sure why NeworkManager behave this way. This should only happen if you have already added the wireless network in the list and Connect automatically is checked.... maybe is from a connection configured by another users and made available to all users.

    You can try to manually add the wireless network and the uncheck Connect automatically.