Ubuntu – How to banish the “You have just inserted an Audio CD.” dialog forever


Sometimes when I insert an audio CD I get a dialog that says "You have just inserted an Audio CD. Choose what application to launch." It doesn't show up for every CD… probably something like once for every 5 CD insertions.

Every single time I select "Do Nothing" and ensure that the "Always perform this action" checkbox is checked. I assume the point of the checkbox is to let me make the decision once and for all, but this dialog continues to reappear periodically.

Best Answer

  • Prompting for action to perform upon inserting media is a behaviour of nautilus (the file browser program in GNOME Environment). To change this behaviour I would recommend the following steps:

    1. Close all open File Browser windows
    2. Open Places -> Home Folder. This will open the home folder in a new File Browser window.
    3. Click Edit -> Preferences
    4. Select the Media tab
    5. For those media types where you don't want any prompt, select Do Nothing in the drop-down list.
    6. Click Close

    From next time, you should not get the messages while inserting media.

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