Ubuntu – How to build a 32-bit deb file on a 64-bit machine


I have followed this answer to get the build dependencies for what I am building, and then actually compile the source and build it into a deb file, however I am needing to create a deb file for 32-bit, and I am running 64-bit, so it automatically makes it a 64-bit one and not a 32-bit one, so is there any way that I can specify that I want it to create a 32-bit one and not a 64-bit one?

Best Answer

  • you can simply specify the architecture via -a in debuild:

    debuild -a i386

    Although in most cases that won't work. pbuilder is a fantastic tool which provides you with a clean Ubuntu/Debian system inside you environment which you can specify the architecture of.

    man pbuilder has all the info you need you create your 32-bit archive. Here's a couple of useful commands for you inside pbuilder:

    sudo pbuilder --create --architecture i386
    sudo pbuilder --build mypackage.dsc

    pbuilder's user manual

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