Ubuntu – How to change Ctrl+Alt+F7 in Ubuntu 18.04


Can I change the schortcut Ctrl+Alt+F7 to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F7 in Ubuntu 18.04 ?

If yes, how ?

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I found it! I found it!
(I copied my answer to this chat too)

There is a simple command line to disable the shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+F [1-7].
I don't know which versions of ubuntu support this command line, but on Ubuntu 18.10, it seems to work well.

setxkbmap -option srvrkeys:none

But the command line only seems to work when it is executed after the login: After each lock/logout, the shorcuts Ctrl+Alt+F [1-7]. Are enabled again.
I tried to put this line in "Startup Application" and also in ".profile". Either way, it doesn't work.

So I created a new shortcut that executes this command by pressing (for example) Super+F7. And it works fine!
I just must do Super+F7 after each login, and if after I do Ctrl+Alt+F7 there isn't any black screens!

Does someone know a better way to run a command line after the login?
Am I obliged to do Super+F7 after each login?

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