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I have Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS installed on SSD, and I mounted HDD also for data. But when I did this, the UUID it has consists of random set of numbers and letter like this /mnt/9d79a504-bf86-4a1f-99e4-927b9e20df6e and even if I labeled it and gave a simple name to my disk – Storage, I still can't navigate to it like cd /mnt/Storage in terminal, I tried to give it an alias also, but it's failed. So is anyone who can help me with that?

I checked this links below, which looked similar, but, I forced to ask this question.
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terminal screen


solved screen

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  • It seems that what You're looking for is changing the mount point. I believe You can modify /etc/fstab manually to change that - just follow the example: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab#Examples - or use build in disks management tool. Search for "disks" in the shell, then find a partition You need, select it, click use 'gears' icon and "Modify mounting options..." (I believe). Disable defaults and change "Mounting point" path. Reboot may be necessary.