Ubuntu – How to change output device for backups


I want to use a new, external drive for my backups. I believe I'm using deja-dup now, but I'm not 100% sure:
Déjà-dup screen

I cannot figure out how to change the name of the Storage Location for the backups so that it can start using a different external drive to store the backups. Where do I go to change it? The System Settings/Backups feature shows the name of the Storage Location but does not seem to provide a place to change it.

The picture of the Storage Location window shows the name of the external drive I was using,
Déjà-dup settings

but one cannot write in that field and if I click on the arrow at the right hand end, it gives a list of options but no place to type in the drive name. The Folder part shows the directory on the drive where I had it put the backups. But something has failed on that drive and it doesn't actually make backups anymore. I have no idea where to start over setting up backups.

How do I proceed?

Best Answer

  • Same here. It seems to be a UI bug that storage location can't be set.

    A workaround is to open dconf-editor, navigate to org/gnome/deja-dupe/drive and edit the drive name and UUID. You can find the UUID by running blkid.

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