Ubuntu – How to change the mouse pointer theme


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How to change mouse cursor and theme?

How can I change mouse pointer theme in Ubuntu 11.10, as in previous versions of Ubuntu?

Best Answer

  • You can install additional mouse themes from the Ubuntu Software Center. Additionally, you can manually install new themes such as those from gnome-look.org by extracting the theme folders into /usr/share/icons/ or ~/.icons. (Source for manual installation)

    Then, to actually use these themes, you'll need the GNOME Tweak Tool (click this link to install: GNOME Tweak Tool Install GNOME Tweak Tool, or use sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool in a terminal).

    Next, you'll want to open the GNOME Tweak Tool (you can search for it in both Unity and GNOME Shell as "Advanced Settings"), then go to Theme > Cursor theme. Use the drop-down menu to select the cursor you want.

    If you're running Unity, you may then have to run compiz --replace in a terminal or Alt+F2 prompt to make the changes take effect.