Ubuntu – How to check the disk activity of the hard-drive?

diskhard drive

I had a problem in Windows 8 where my hard-drive activity was reaching 100% all the time and the system was very slow. Now I've switched to Ubuntu Gnome and want to check if this is still a problem on Ubuntu. Is there a way to check this?

I am not looking for how much space I have on my HDD! I know how to find CPU and RAM usage as well. I am looking to find out the disk activity of my drive. For example, using Windows Task Manager it reports the disk activity as 0.04%. This is what I am looking for:

Disk Activity on Windows

Best Answer

You can try to use nmon — a command line program. Install it by running:

sudo apt-get install nmon

Then run it as nmon. You would get the following screen:

nmon mainscreen

Since you want to view disk activity, you need to press d to toggle the statistics for it. Upon pressing d, you would be presented with the following screen which shows your disk activity:

nmon disk activity

Press q to exit the program.

More information about this tool can be found at IBM developerWorks.