Ubuntu – How to clear Totem’s cache


I watched an uploaded movie with Totem. Looks like it saved or cached the movie somewhere because it takes space now from the HDD. I never noticed similar before.

Where does Totem save streamed movies?

Best Answer

  • Try the hidden folder .cache or .local/share/totem in the home directory. Archive Manager does usually place temporary files in beginning with .fr or fr (fr for file-roller probably). File roller also leaves these temporary folders in other places (usually when it is interrupted).

    Also, for clearing disk space in general you can use baobab to scan for what files and folders are taking up space, or bleachbit to clear the cache, temporary files etc made by other programs.

    This seems to be a common issue, so I would suggest filing a bug against the file-roller package here or 'upstream' here (there is a existing similar bug here - however it may be a issue related to Totem and/or using File Roller with Totem).