Ubuntu – How to clone Ubuntu into same machine with new partion


In my computer, I want more space for Ubuntu. And for it don't like to format my Ubuntu. How can I copy everything from present Ubuntu and copy everything with user settings etc into other drive? copy everything but i want change drive space. Also I don't want clone entire hard-disk I want clone only one drive by using same machine.
Note:- I have dual boot system. If your answers want other OS no problem. I have another OS is BOSS Linux and scientific Linux.
configuration:- Present Ubuntu OS have 20GB space.
and 26 Gb free space with ext4 file system. I want to move my present Ubuntu into that drive?

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Best Answer

  • In my case I not have enough space for my Ubuntu system drive which is I frequently use.
    So I want more space and want to back up to avoid anything wrong with my data.But I not have any other storage device to backup.

    First Step:- By using Disk Utility , I delete My Scientific Linux drive. For get extra 30 GB space. and make partition 53.GB
    delete partitionmaking partition second Step:- I restart Computer. And start BOSS Linux.
    3rd Step:- RUN DD command into BOSS Linux to make clone of Ubuntu Drive.
    dd command

    Before restart PC I install GRUB loder into BOSS Linux.
    grub config grub install Then Start Ubuntu 14.04 then One problem occurred their. 53GB drive only shows 20GB space.
    drive space pseudo capacity
    Then I use Gparted utility to solve it. Again one problem occurred.
    gparted utility
    critical problem.
    solve it run command into terminal.

    $ e2fsck -f /dev/sda13

    I try make re-size the drive and re-size successfully. After that I restart again my PC and start Ubuntu for check problem.
    Ubuntu 14 53gb space problem solved.
    Again start BOSS Linux to format old Ubuntu drive. Restart PC and select Ubuntu 14.04 and finally install Grub into Ubuntu.And it solve my problem without any other external or internal extra storage devices.
    NOTE:- But its better and strongly recommend that keep back-up before do it.
    You can be able do it by using Live CD or boot repair disk. For that I so much thankful of edward-torvalds and Helio without their valuable info, guidance, and reference it is impossible to solve it for me. Thanks.