Ubuntu – How to configure a Logitech M705 to use stepless scrolling


I'm using a Logitech K750(keyboard) and M705(mouse) using the same (one!) unifying USB connector. I paired them with my mac, but use them on my desktop with Ubuntu 12.10. Works nice. Just a few adjustments I'd like to do.

This mouse allows to disable the "steps" of the scroll wheel easily, which enables me on the mac to scroll stepless like using a touchpad. I'm not talking about smooth scrolling but stepless scrolling! This does somehow not work on Ubuntu. Is there no possibility to do this? This mouse also supports horizontal scrolling (not stepless). Is there a way to adjust these features? Maybe in xorg.conf? Maybe someone has a mouse xorg.conf-section I can experiment with?

xev | grep button tells me there's no difference between using the wheel with or without steps (Button 4 and 5). So the thing should just be a question of software interpretation. At least it's a question of making steps smaller (1 pixel?) and enable acceleration, I think.

Best Answer

This is currently the best solution I found, although I think at this time, its smooth scrolling feature is not yet useable. In future, native, driver-based solutions have to be made to support mice and touchpads which support smooth scrolling. Especially on a desktop system like Ubuntu.


There is an application called Solaar which offers many possibilities to unifying-devices from Logitech, like battery status, pairing options (awesome!) and smooth scrolling. Unfortunately, smooth scrolling does not work that great; it does not scroll as smoothly as on OS X, and it only scrolls the last active window, not the mouse-overed window (tested on 13.04). But it's in every way a useful application and its smooth scrolling feature is something I hope gets improved with future updates.

Homepage: http://pwr.github.io/Solaar/


Open a Terminal via the Unity dash or CTRL+ALT+T and paste in the following lines:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:daniel.pavel/solaar
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install solaar


  • Start Solaar via the Unity dash, for example.
  • If you see a popup recommending to replug the unifying-receiver, do it.
  • There should appear a tray icon looking like a battery. If you open it and click on a device, you'll see information about your devices.
  • On the right of the entry for your mouse should be a settings icon. Click it and a "smooth scrolling" option should appear.
  • Try it, it's easy to disable again in case it does not work for you.
  • If you experience problems like the horizontal scrolling does not work, try replugging the receiver again.