Ubuntu – How to configure a vnc server which supports xkeyboard extention


I am logging into an Ubuntu 14.04 remote machine with a VNC server.
I am using some Python IDE programs which use Qt, but while running them I am getting the error:

Qt: XKEYBOARD extension not present on the X server.
  1. Is there a VNC server which supports xkeyboard?
  2. How can I configure an appropriate xkeyboard on my VNC server?

Best Answer


From within an x11vnc session, we can test for XKEYBOARD by running the following in a terminal window:

xdpyinfo -ext XKEYBOARD | tail -2

In 17.10, this results in:

XKEYBOARD version 1.0 opcode: 135, base event: 85, base error: 137

Which indicates the X server has the version 1.0 of the XKEYBOARD extension enabled.

Note: This is on XOrg, not Wayland.