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I just upgraded an old, secondary computer to the latest Kubuntu (10.10). It seems the effort was a bit too much for the hardware and one 512MB memory module died. I tried to take it away, clean the connectors, put it back several times, but to no avail.

Until such a time I can find a second hand DDR memory module, I am left with a meagre 256MB RAM, which is below the official requirements (384MB) to run Kubuntu/KDE. Indeed: the computer constantly swaps the memory, making everything painfully slow.

Since Kubuntu is already installed and I use it on all my computers (and I want to keep KDE for when I really need it), how can I configure ubuntu to squeeze out every bit of unnecessary memory usage?

This is a secondary computer but still very useful. We use it mostly for web browsing.

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  • Kubuntu is really Ubuntu with a KDE desktop instead of GNOME. The lightest I know of is Lubuntu (lubuntu-dektop package) this is still running the same thing underneath Kubuntu and normal Ubuntu just with a lighter desktop.

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