Ubuntu – How to configure Unity’s launcher auto-hide behavior


This has been an issue for me with Unity since its release.
I'd like to make the the launcher auto-hide. Especially on Netbooks, where screens are small, the launcher is quite wide, making it difficult to properly display some websites and other apps.
How can I configure the auto-hide behavior?

Best Answer

  • 11.04 & 11.10

    The Unity launcher has an auto-hide option that is enabled by default. Lee's answer has the details. It has a few options:

    • Never - The launcher will never hide.
    • Autohide - The launcher will hide automatically based on time.
    • Dodge Windows - The launcher will hide when a window would overlay it.
    • Dodge Active Window - The launcher will hide only when an active window would overlay it.

    This question has information on how to configure the different modes of Unity:

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