Ubuntu – How to convert an .xcf file/image to JPEG or PNG

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I use the GIMP photo editor which automatically saves the converted files in .xcf format, but they cannot be reopened with any other app. How can I convert or save my images as JPEG or PNG?

Best Answer

You have to export the image, not save it.

To convert:

  1. Open the XCF file using GIMP
  2. Click on File
  3. Click on Export
  4. Enter a filename

    It'll be saved as PNG by default. You can use any other format by simply adding the extension to your filename (like image.jpg, image.bmp) or selecting another file format in the bottom right of the export window.

  5. Click on Export

The downside of exporting is that you'll only save what you see. So all your layers will be merged, and all editable components you may have added (like text) are not editable anymore.

So, if you would like to easily edit your images in the future, also save it as a XCF file as this will preserve all layers, components and other things as they are when you close GIMP.