Ubuntu – How to convert the iso file into rar or zip or tar


Is there anyway to extract iso or convert it to zip, rar, or tar file?

I have a big .iso file on my remote server and I just want a file from it, not all of that; unfortunately I do not have root access, so it's my problem.

Best Answer

  • You are mixing things up: an ISO is a data dump (often from a dvd/cd/bd). You mount ISO's as you would mount a hard disk. And when mounted you can "cd" into the directories and copy files from it.

    If you are unsure about command line install software that can mount ISOs. Examples: furius, gmount-iso, acetoneiso, gisomount. All are available in Ubuntu Sofware Center and will show up if you search for "iso mount".

    Regarding mounting ISO: How to mount an ISO file? There is a command line method in there too. If you mount it in your own /home/$USER/ folder there is no need for sudo. Example:

    mount -o loop file.iso /home/$USER/Downloads/

    will mount file.iso in your ~Downloads.