Ubuntu – How to create a quicklist for Ubuntu Tweak


I want to create a quicklist for Ubuntu Tweak on my Unity launcher, but I'm having trouble getting started. Can anyone help?

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  • The newest versions of Ubuntu Tweak now have a couple of command line parameters which you could exploit to create a quicklist.

    By default - ubuntu-tweak has already a quicklist for various features:

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    running ubuntu-tweak -h:

    Usage: ubuntu-tweak [options]
    Ubuntu Tweak is a tool for Ubuntu that makes it easy to configure your system
    and desktop settings.
      --version             show program's version number and exit
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -d, --debug           Generate more debugging information.  [default: False]
      -m MODULE, --module=MODULE
                            Start module directly.  [default: ]
      -f FEATURE, --feature=FEATURE
                            Start feature directly.  [default: ]
    • Features -
      ubuntu-tweak -f [feature-name]
    • Modules -
      ubuntu-tweak -m "[ClassName"]

    This is useful if you have any plugins installed.

    Thus you can copy /usr/share/applications/ubuntutweak.desktop to ~/.local/share/applications and add any plugins that you may have installed to add to the default quicklist.

    See the Linked Question for an example of how to create a quicklist by passing parameters such as a plugin module name to the ubuntu-tweak executable.

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