Ubuntu – How to create a user with root privileges in bash


I have run the following commands:

sudo groupadd -r testgroup
sudo useradd -g testgroup -M -r testuser

Notice the -r option, which according to the man page:

    Create a system account.

Assuming I have a user account with root privileges, I then run:

sudo -u testuser cat /dev/input/mouse0

However, I get:

cat: /dev/input/mouse0: Permission denied

Running the same command as root provides the expected output (garbled output from the mouse driver).

How can I create a user with root privileges?

Best Answer

Haven't tried it but this should create a new user and add them to the sudo group, which if your /etc/sudoers is as default, should mean they're allowed to use sudo with their password (just like the standard first user):

sudo adduser --group sudo newusername

If you've already created the user, you can just run:

sudo adduser existing_user sudo

man adduser will show you some of the other billion permutations and combinations of arguments this tool has.

Note: If you use Ubuntu 11.10 or older, you should use the admin group instead of sudo.