Ubuntu – How to create a Windows bootable USB stick using Ubuntu


I'd like to create a Windows bootable USB stick, but I don't have a Windows machine with me at the moment to do so. How could I achieve the same using Ubuntu?

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  • Writing ISOs with WoeUSB (WinUSB fork)

    Some answers are outdated, since WinUSB is not working anymore. But there is a working fork called WoeUSB.

    Github: https://github.com/slacka/WoeUSB


    It does not uninstall grub-efi anymore!

    ☞ Ubuntu / Debian

    sudo add-apt-repository universe # contains the p7zip-full dependency
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install woeusb

    ☞ Arch

    pacaur -S woeusb-git

    ☞ Fedora

    dnf install -y WoeUSB

    ☞ OpenSUSE

    zypper install WoeUSB

    Identifying the USB stick (the /dev/sdX path)

    GUI approach

    Search for a programm called disks, or if you use gnome you can launch it by executing gnome-disks.

    Command line approach

    There are several commands available to list storage devices. You might try one of these:

    sudo lsblk --scsi --paths 
    sudo lshw -class disk -short

    Identify your usb device and see which path it has (like /dev/sdX).

    Writing the ISO

    After installation, write the windows ISO to your storage device with the following command. In the command below replace the X in /dev/sdX with your usb device path (see above how to find it).

    sudo woeusb --device /path/to/your.iso /dev/sdX