Ubuntu – How to create an installable package in a ppa the simple way


Because I can't figure out how to publish my program because I do not understand the packaging, I have some questions:

Why can't I just upload a directory of files* to the ppa, and a setup file that is executed if I type "sudo apt-get install package-name" and the setup-file only does these things:

  1. Copy the files of the directory in the ppa to their location on the users's system
  2. Install dependencies (pyhton3, python3-pyqt, and such)

Is this possible?

*The copied files include the main python script, data files and icons.

Best Answer

Ok, you really have some misconceptions about how packages are done in Debian/Ubuntu:

Why can't I just upload a directory of files* to the ppa

Because that's dirty and the system shouldn't try to figure out what are you trying to do. Whenever you upload to a PPA you should upload the sources code in a tarball, that includes the debian/ directory, and a signed .dsc file, and maybe a .changes file if you are not the original maintainer of the program.

I recommend you to read and reread the fine Debian Packaging Guide, and other resources online: