Ubuntu – How to customize nautilus files view in Ubuntu 17.04


I want all Nautilus windows/folders to show file listings the same customized way.

On Windows I'd simply configure a single folder like I want, open options, click "set all folders like this one" (or something on those lines, don't remember the exact button label)

On Nautilus (Ubuntu file manager) I can configure a single folder at a time. And this site has dozen of answered questions on how to reset all folders to default, but I can't find anything on how to set all folders to my custom style.

Which is as shown bellow.


This would be my simple preferred view, with size before name.

Edit for clarity: I do Not want to set this on thousands of folders. I want my way to be the default everywhere.

Best Answer

Open nautilus, from menu select: "Edit" -> "Preferences", "Views" tab.

Set default view as "List view":

enter image description here

Then go to "list columns" tab and config it like this:

enter image description here