Ubuntu – How to deactivate Bluetooth on system startup


How can I deactivate Bluetooth on system startup?

Best Answer

  • For Ubuntu 20.10

    For this ubuntu edit /etc/bluetooth/main.conf and find the line


    and replace it with:



    18.04* users who don't naturally have a /etc/rc.local, you'll need to create one and make it executable. To make things slightly easier, you can just paste the following command into a terminal:

    sudo install -b -m 755 /dev/stdin /etc/rc.local << EOF
    rfkill block bluetooth
    exit 0

    Run sudoedit /etc/rc.local and add this before line with exit 0:

    rfkill block bluetooth

    You should still be able to enable Bluetooth through the top bar applet.

    This should work for most systems but it looks like there are a few bugs lurking in the kernel's ACPI for Thinkpads. If you're on a Thinkpad, add the following to /etc/rc.local:

    echo disable > /proc/acpi/ibm/bluetooth

    Or check out ibm-acpi - IBM ThinkPad ACPI Extras Driver -- some reports suggest that ibm-acpi includes bluetooth control (amongst other nice things). But I don't have the hardware so I'm completely unable to verify these claims. Good luck.