Ubuntu – How to deactivate F1 and F10 keybindings in gnome-terminal


How can I turn off the F1 (help) and F10 (notifications menu) key bindings?

First one I need for screen utility and second to exit mc in console.

There are no such key bindings in the Keyboard Shortcuts system settings.

Best Answer

  • 11.04

    Disabling the F1 shortcut

    1. In a gnome-terminal open up Edit ➜ Keyboard Shortcuts.

    2. Scroll down to the Help/Contents shortcut, click where it says "F1" and hit Backspace:

      enter image description here

    Disabling the F10 shortcut

    1. Install the compizconfig-settings-managerInstall compizconfig-settings-manager package.

    2. Open up CompizConfig Settings Manager.

      • Hit Super to open the Dash, type "Compiz" and hit Enter.
    3. Type "unity" in the Filter entry and select the Ubuntu Unity Plugin.

    4. Click the button to the right of Key to open the first panel menu and uncheck the Enabled checkbox.

      enter image description here

    5. That disabled the global F10 shortcut, now disable gnome-terminal's F10 shortcut:

      • In a gnome-terminal open up Keyboards Shortcuts (Edit ➜ Keyboard Shortcuts) and
        uncheck Enable the menu shortcut key (F10 by default)

        enter image description here

    6. F10 is mapped to menubar_accel by something in Ubuntu. Gnome? Metacity? Not sure what exact thing it is that steals it, but the key doesn't make it to Eclipse.

      • Run gconf-editor, browse to /desktop/gnome/interface then scroll down to menubar_accel and delete the F10 value. [Stolen from here]