Ubuntu – How to deal with file association in different application(not in Nautilus)

11.04file association

Maybe i don't understand the system.
Upgraded to (reinstalled) Ubuntu 11.04.

Is there any way the applications can use something that i set in nautilus, or it's just a wrong idea about the usage?

In nautilus the file association works great, easy, handy and so on…

My first problem was when installed chromium. Downloaded a file, a popup ask for assocation, set nautilus. And it only opens folder, for any file show an error: it is not a direcrory. Ok, so i thought Google chrome changed, because previously .pdf open acrobat,.torrent open vuze and so on. But now i have to open nautilus on download folder with it, than select and open the preferable application by manually and can't use any automatism i used to.

Then in gnome commander , it not followed the default association i set in nautilus. Ok maybe it is commander fault. use it's own.

Then in calibre, the "read" use again this default "can't open its not a directory" error

So it's seems to me the applications not using well this file associations or i really don't understand the aim of file associations system (mime,.desktop files,…)

If there is no solution i think i have to search some program (if any exist's) which can identify and launch application and set as default instead nautilus.

Best Answer

  • Comment out the line in .local/share/applications/mimeapps.list


    and insert