Ubuntu – How to decrease DASH icon size for 13.10


I would like to know if and how I can change the icon size in DASH.
The icons are huge but I can re-size the unity bar icons!

Please let me know

Best Answer

  • I solved this with changing source code of unity and then i built it.

    I think this is the only way, but it works.

    You can follow: https://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity/ (read carefully everything is perfectly correct and working, just read..)

    When you downloaded the code and tried to build it, and it worked.

    Change this line:

    double const DEFAULT_SCALE = 1.0;


    double const DEFAULT_SCALE = 0.75;

    in file "~/code/unity/trunk/Dash/ResultRenderer.cpp"

    Then delete the build folder (if exists) in trunk folder, and rebuild the code.

    Building installing and everything else is described on the page i posted.

    On my 15.4" notebook with 1366x768 resolution the 0.50 is too small for me. This changes the icon and text size inside unity dash.

    Good luck to everyone, hope that in newer wersion there will be option to scale up/down icon size in dash.