Ubuntu – How to delete events in shotwell


I want to use shotwell to manage my photos (along with other power apps like F-Spot and Digicam), for various reasons, but I have one issue. I can't figure out how to delete events. Is this possible (meaning I'm missing something) or is it not a part of the feature set?

Best Answer

This feature has been requested on the Shotwell mailing list:

First and foremost, I think there definitely should be a way to "delete" events, or assign photos to "no event". Importing a folder of ~1000 "miscellaneous" photos collected over a year creates about 30-50 events, which is a bit ridiculous; it defeats the purpose of events matching actual events and not "days", so I'd really like a way to unassign photos from events to get a better bird-eye's view of the "important" pictures among the mess.

This has been ticketed: http://trac.yorba.org/ticket/2665

This feature has not yet been added, but could be in the future.