Ubuntu – how to delete temp files which is created by google chrome in linux


I want clean up cache file or row data which is created by the Google chrome during playing video's form youtube as well as other site task.
During cleanup I want to protect my history and cookies.

Where does Google chrome store cache data in Linux?

Is it possible that we manually delete cache files of Google chrome?
But during delete that files we at least save our browsers history.

Note:- I am using standard account privilege.

Best Answer

  • Normally Google Chrome save this temporary files inside:



    ~/.config/google-chrome/[profile]/Application Cache/Cache/

    And yes you can delete these manually and you don't need any permission.

    So just take a look at these dirs and choose what to delete

    Another interesting directory is


    Here you find your history , bookmarks , extensions, ....

    so choose carefuly what do you want to purge


    The bookmark is not really a directory it's just a file. The path to this file is:


    The history also is not a file, it's some sqlite3 database file under this path


    A simple tip:

    nautilus ~/.config/google-chrome/Default 

    will open the directory so just take some time and check all of files found there, you can easily know what to keep or what to delete