Ubuntu – How to disable Mod4+S


I've installed a fresh 11.04. Then I've configured it to use Xmonad. In Xmonad I'm using Mod4+S to move through workspaces, but in new Ubuntu gnome-panel catches this shortcut earlier and shows me up with menu (same you see when pressing power button in the most right position in gnome panel).

So the subj is: How to disable Mod4+S in fresh Ubuntu 11.04?

I've tried to scan with gconf for Mod4 and Super keys but found only compiz bindings (removing doesn't help). If I will configure Mod4+S for something in 'Keyboard shortcuts' it works, but after disabling it again shows me menu.

Best Answer

  • As my problem is caused by a hardcoded key bindings to the indicator-applet I removed that code and pushed a clean indicator-applet to my PPA. The patch is the same as this one.


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