Ubuntu – How to disable the global menu in Firefox


I can't open bookmarks in new tabs from it (this seems to be a bug in Unity), so I disabled the add-on for it. But the latest update for Firefox (22.0) removed that add-on and re-enabled the global menu. How can I disable it again?

Best Answer

I just updated to Firefox 22.0 under Ubuntu 12.04 / Unity. The add-on is indeed gone.

There is a config setting that appears to disable the (tremendously annoying) global menus.

Open firefox.

Enter about:config in the address bar (like you're trying to go to that URL as a website).

Use the Search field to find the use_unity_menubar setting.

Right-click on it. Choose TOGGLE on the popup dialog. That should turn off the global menus and restore the top-of-window menus. (The full name of the preference is ui.use_unity_menubar.)