Ubuntu – How to disable the long press Super key from showing the shortcuts window


Note this is the long press and not the one for the short press as mentioned here How do I disable the Super key?

The super key has been a modifier long before Unity came, and I have used it on Compiz Zoom feature. So holding super down and moving the mouse scroll would zoom in and out the screen. But now in 12.04 the shortcut list screen pops up and it is irritating. I have also tried changing the keys to control +super + mouse scroll and a similar thing happens.

Is there anyway to disable or change the long press super key for this, I have searched Compiz Unity plugin, the Systems Preferences – Keyboard shortcuts settings and haven't been able to find this.

Best Answer

  • 1) Install Compiz-Settings-Manager (sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager),

    2) Go to "Ubuntu Unity Plugin" > "Experimental" and uncheck "Enable Shortcuts Hint Overlay".

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