Ubuntu – How to discover all WiFi networks on the Ubuntu 15.10 and choose one of them


how to discover all WiFi networks on my Ubuntu 15.10 and choose one of them? is this possible?

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  • Use iwlist. The man page (actually http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/wily/en/man8/iwlist.8.html) says:

    Provided by: wireless-tools_30~pre9-8ubuntu1_i386
           iwlist  -  Get  more  detailed  wireless  information  from  a wireless
           iwlist [interface] scanning


                  Give the list of Access Points and Ad-Hoc cells  in  range,  and
                  optionally  a  whole  bunch  of  information  about them (ESSID,
                  Quality, Frequency, Mode...). The type of  information  returned
                  depends on what the card supports.
                  Triggering  scanning  is  a privileged operation (root only) and
                  normal users can only read left-over scan results.  By  default,
                  the way scanning is done (the scope of the scan) is dependant on
                  the card and card settings.
                  This command takes optional arguments, however most drivers will
                  ignore  those.  The  option essid is used to specify a scan on a
                  specific ESSID. With  some  card/driver,  this  enables  to  see
                  hidden  networks.  The  option  last does not trigger a scan and
                  read left-over scan results.

    "How do I connect to a wireless..." is a second question that should be asked by itself, in a different Question post.

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