Ubuntu – How to download and install Handbrake

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I'm new at Ubuntu so I don't know very well how to use the terminal in order to download and install programs that aren't in the software center. I've tried without success downloading and installing Handbrake.

Could anybody help me, guiding me through the downloading and installation of Handbrake?

Best Answer

There are two official HandBrake PPAs, ppa:stebbins/handbrake-releases and ppa:stebbins/handbrake-git-snapshots.

The former contains stable releases, which are updated about once a year. These releases tend to be rather out-dated when their end-of-life is approaching. The current stable version (0.9.8) was released on 2012-07-18.

The latter contains nightly builds, which are updated daily (or nightly, as it were). These are of course less stable, and undocumented to boot, but they are good software nonetheless. Additionally, as the stable release ages, the developers tend to start recommending users to try the nightly builds instead.

To add one of these to your sources, simply run:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-releases


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-git-snapshots

depending on which you want. To install HandBrake with the GUI, run:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install handbrake

Alternatively, if you would prefer the CLI (command-line interface) over the GUI, replace the last line with:

sudo apt-get install handbrake-cli