Ubuntu – How to download skyrim from steam and play on ubuntu


I recently bought Skyrim on Steam and did not know that it can only be played on Windows. I was wondering how can I play Skyrim on my Ubuntu computer?

Best Answer

There is a project called PlayOnLinux that works to automatically setup many games devloped for Windows, to be played on Linux with minimal hassle.

You can get the program via the repositories using the command sudo apt-get install playonlinux or from the website playonlinux.com.

Once PoL is installed you can run the program. To install a game, click the button on the right-hand sidebar that says "Install a program". Once in that menu just use the search bar to find "The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim", click to install. This will automatically download the version of WINE that is known to work with Skyrim as well as install Steam on the virtual drive, if you so select.

The installation may throw an error, but they usually provide you with information on how to fix it, commonly in the form of a link to a "How to fix problem X" type page. Just follow the prompts and it should work.

Alternatively, you can download and install it from playonlinux.com.

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