Ubuntu – How to dual boot Ubuntu+Windows 10 in HP ProBook

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I am using HP ProBook x360.I have Windows 10 installed and I am trying to dual boot with Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS.I have created a bootable pendrive and I have checked that legacy support in enabled in BIOS.

On restarting, when I go to the boot menu and click on the USB option I get more options(all the files present inside the USB). In the YouTube videos that I have watched just clicking on the USB option started the installation process.

To be more specific I am getting this(image given below) and I don't know what I am supposed to select.Should I click on install? I didn't try it because I was afraid something might go wrong.

Boot Menu Image

Best Answer

  • Ok. I faced same matter when i was a beginner. This is something wrong when you creating the boot drive. What is shown in your image is the content of the usb. Literary Rufus is not a very good tool for creating bootable drives for linux. So try another software like balena Etcher. You can download windows version the website. You Can Go To Website Using This Link

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