Ubuntu – How to dual boot Windows given that I have already installed Ubuntu 12.04


All the literature I can find about dual booting Windows and Ubuntu suggests that Windows be installed first, then Ubuntu, since the Ubuntu install software has an option that streamlines this whole process.

I already installed Ubuntu and have been using it for a few months, and I don't want to just wipe everything in order to install Windows and then reinstall Ubuntu. I am also a bit new at this, so I don't know the appropriate way to partition my drive to install Windows manually.

Is there a way to dual boot Windows easily given an existing Ubuntu install?

I have combed the Internet for a good guide on this topic but I haven't found anything yet that I understand. What I am really looking for is a simple guide that doesn't involve advanced terminology or lingo (picture based, even, if possible). I am slowly learning what all this linux terminology means, but I am still a beginner, and am nowhere near able to understand everything that I apparently have to to accomplish this task.

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I know what is your problem and I think this might partially answer your question even though I would not personally be satisfied with this resolution Dual boot - 12.04 installed first

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