Ubuntu – How to enable Alt-Gr on Ubuntu 16.04


On my Ubuntu 16.04 laptop installation, Alt-Gr does not work. So I cannot type characters like {, }, ~, | etc. (doing this on my PC where everything works).
I tried various suggestions from multiple Ubuntu wikis, forums, Ubuntu support site: Nothing works.

Most solutions are for older Ubuntu versions, a lot seems to be different on Ubuntu 16.04: There is no System Preferences (you can install the app manually, but there are no keyboard settings there), I don't find Keyboard Layout anywhere…

This is not a duplicate of Alt-Gr key is not working in Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 16.04 is different!

Edit: Found the keyboard layout display, and it matches the keyboard (now). But Alt-Gr combinations don't work.

Best Answer

  • I discovered in System Settings → KeyboardShortcutsTyping that the Alternate Characters Key is set to Disabled.

    I changed Disabled to Alt-Gr (right Alt key) and it works now. No need to change and reconfigure the keyboard type.