Ubuntu – How to enable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace


Ctrl+Alt+ can usually be set to restart X, however I can't find the option to allow this (it is disabled by default).

I have looked in System->Preferences->Keyboard and System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts but I can't find an option to enable it.

Where can I change this setting?

Best Answer

  • For Unity (13.04 to 17.04):

    You want: System->Preferences->Keyboard

    Then click the Layouts tab, the Options button, and expand Key sequence to kill the X server, before finally selecting the checkbox.


    To enable it via the command line install dontzap Install dontzap

    sudo apt-get install dontzap

    And in a terminal

    sudo dontzap --enable

    To disable the shortcut:

    sudo dontzap --disable
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