Ubuntu – How to enable or disable Apport


The system crash dialog is annoying me, how can I turn it off? I'd also like to know how to turn it back on just in case I need it to report a problem.

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  • As of Ubuntu 16.04 systemd apport does not seem to honor its config file

    The systemd commands to enable / disable apport are:


    sudo systemctl disable apport.service

    If that does not work, you would then need to mask the service

    systemctl mask apport.service

    To reenable

    systemctl unmask apport.service # if you masked it
    sudo systemctl enable apport.service

    Previous versions of Ubuntu:

    You need to edit /etc/default/apport. The following changes will prevent Apport from starting at boot:

    Graphical: Open a terminal with (CTRL+ALT+T) and type this:

    sudo -i gedit /etc/default/apport

    and then push ENTER. You password is being typed, but will not display as dots.


    Command line:

    sudo nano /etc/default/apport

    A file editor is now open. Change enabled from "0" to a "1" so it looks like this:


    To turn it off make it:


    Now save your changes and close the file editor. Apport will now no longer start at boot. If you want to turn it off immediately without rebooting, run sudo service apport stop.

    You can also use sudo service apport stop without modifying /etc/default/apport to turn it off temporarily.

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