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Let's say that I have a folder, within my Documents folder, that has files I want no one to access without a password.

Is there a way to lock down that folder so that it's password protected / encrypted?

In fact, is it possible to password-protect any individual folder?

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  • Cryptkeeper

    WARNING: CryptKeeper has recently been reported that it has a universal password bug that puts your data at potential risk. This issue may not yet be fixed in Ubuntu, use this solution at your own risk.

    Relevant bug information links:
    Upstream bug: https://github.com/tomm/cryptkeeper/issues/23
    Debian bug: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=852751

     sudo apt-get install cryptkeeper

                                    After installing, go to Applications –> System Tools –> Cryptkeeper.

                                            Cryptkeeper will automatically attach itself to the top panel

                       enter image description here

                         To create an encrypted protected folder, click on Cryptkeeper applet and select                                                                             ‘New encrypted folder’

                       enter image description here

                              Then type the folder name and where to save the folder and click ‘Forward’.

                       enter image description here

                                                                  Type the password and click ‘Forward’.

                       enter image description here

                                                          The folder will be created and ready to be used.

                       enter image description here

                       To access all encrypted folder, click on Cryptkeeper applet on the panel and select                                                                                                each folder.

                       enter image description here

                                                       Type the password before it is mounted to be accessed.

                       enter image description here


                       enter image description here

                     To delete a folder or change the password, right-click the folder in the panel-applet.

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