Ubuntu – How to exit from magnified screen that moves with the mouse on Kubuntu


I have accidentally pressed some key combination that enabled a feature that I cannot turn off and cannot name.

The visible desktop area I see on monitor is enlarged and as I move the cursor, the visible area moves with it. I do not see the whole desktop, only a part of it.

How can I turn this off, whatever it is? Inside accessibility, the screen reader is turned off, it is something else.

Best Answer

  • Kubuntu has a section called Desktop Effects. You can access it from System Settings under Desktop Behavior.

    In the first section of Desktop Effects, you'll find Zoom. If you activate it, you'll be able to zoom your desktop.


    Settings for the zoom feature can be accessed by clicking on the circled icon in the image above.

    Zoom settings

    The default keyboard shortcut for zooming in is Meta+= pressed simultaneously. For zooming out, the default is Meta+- pressed simultaneously. Meta is the Super or Windows key.

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