Ubuntu – How to extract saved password from Remmina


I don't remember my password for one of my servers. I have a working connection saved and want to get the password from it.

From Remmina faq:

Q: How are my passwords stored? Are they secure?
A: They are encrypted using 3DES with a 256bit randomly generated key. You should keep your key secure.

So where do I get the key and where would the passwords be stored?

Ok found that they are just in your users home folder under .remmina.
both the private key are in base64 and i can't seem to get the password right when decrypting……

Best Answer

  • I was able to use the Go solution by @michaelcochez to decrypt it with Python:

    import base64
    from Crypto.Cipher import DES3
    secret = base64.decodestring('<STRING FROM remmina.prefs>')
    password = base64.decodestring('<STRING FROM XXXXXXX.remmina>')
    print DES3.new(secret[:24], DES3.MODE_CBC, secret[24:]).decrypt(password)