Ubuntu – How to filter content in the currently opened folder


There is one thing I'm missing since I've been forced to move from OSX to Ubuntu.

For OSX there is a wonderful file browser named Path Finder which has very handy filter function built-in. The search field in the Path Finders upper right corner isn't searching your whole HD, it's not searching in all the sub folders of a given directory (like in Nautilus). It's just filtering the content of the folder you have currently opened without looking in to the subfolders.

Is there something similar (plugin, extension, etc.) available for Nautilus?

Two users have already asked the same question, but the answers obviously missed the point.

Best Answer

I think Nautilus should allow the user to filter the contents of a folder as much as wanted, but here's something that might be of use for you:

Press Control+S (or Edit > Select items matching) and you can filter contents with basic REGEX.